The Blog Spot || August 2015

Hello lovelies,
Today I thought I would give you a little snapshot into my favourite blogs to read, especially when I am feeling a little lacklustre about my own blog, which has definitely been more common as of late.
Blogging is an incredible source of creative outlet and can be the perfect way to unwind, however when you get stuck in a rut, as I have been the past year, it can grow to feel like your worst enemy... Whilst I have been feeling uninspired I have looked to these girls for a bit of creative inspiration;

Beth's blog is very clean and organised, which is a delight to my OCD, she has impeccable style and a written voice to die for. If you haven't already taken a look, well you must be living under a rock, she takes gorgeous outfit photographs and blogs a little bit of everything, her social media also reflects her blogging personality; @beth__norton on both Twitter and Instagram. Not only is she an amazing blogger, any social media interaction I have had with her has been incredibly polite and pleasant. Beth's hard work and determination pay off in presenting a wonderfully professional blog which I would recommend to anyone.

Helen also has a very simplistic and clean designed blog, it screams professionalism and elegance, not to mention her photography. There are many aspects of this blog which should draw you in as a reader; her tone feels very natural, as if she is being very organic and straightforward, not at all deceptive, as I feel many blogs come across nowadays with branding deals being so prominent. Her social media use is again very intelligent and focused, she really excels herself as a brand and behind it all is a lovely girl who is always very receptive to tweets and comments regarding her posts. Helen uses @thelovecatsinc on both Twitter and Instagram.

Amy's blog has a professional yet quirky feel to her blog design; which matches her style beautifully, I used to read this blog back when it first began after reading a comment/tweet from her about my blog, if I remember correctly. She has since blown me away on multiple occasions with the pure simplicity of her outfit posts, they are picture heavy and not too wordy, which means I can catch up on her blog in an hour or so and feel very satisfied, she adds a touch of personality to what can be a very boring industry! Her Twitter is @fashjunkieblog and her Instagram is @amymacee.

These bloggers have no idea I am writing this post, and I see nothing wrong in that, I am choosing to highlight three blogs I feel are deserving and their work ethic shows through incredibly professional blogging. In an industry such as this, I feel there is a lot of competition and it would be easy for me to find some new bloggers who haven't discovered their niche or their writing style and tear them down for it, to gain some sort of gratification in knowing I am better than them? But that simply isn't true; you are only as good as you think you are. Your blog is your personal endeavour and you should only work on bettering it for yourself, take time to admire other blogs and tell the person behind that blog that you appreciate their work, because at the end of the day we are all doing the exact same thing! 

Send me some the links of your own and some of your favourite blogs too lovelies!

Review || BH Cosmetics 28 Colour Ultimate Lips Lipstick Palette

Hello lovelies,
To kickstart the re-launch of my blog I am writing a little review for you, I bought this palette through the BH Cosmetics website after watching Shaaanxo's swatch and review video, and it absolutely did not disappoint.

Cost and Delivery:
From the outset BH Cosmetics as a company impressed me, they are affordable even with international shipping, I spent a total of £13.11 for the palette and the delivery charges. It arrived quickly and is well worth the money as it works out at just 0.47p per lipstick, unbelievable value!


The case has a frosted, clear, plastic lid through which you can see the colours but it also prevents the grubby and dirty look transparent packaging can lead to. The pans feel secure in their casing and not as though they will fall out, which you can expect from cheaper palettes, for the small price tag the quality is outstanding. The fastening does feel slightly loose and as though it might not hold well, but since travelling to my boyfriend's I have found it to stand quite well, luckily I had no surprise spillages, that would not have been ideal.

The Lipsticks:
Now for what everyone has been waiting for, swatch and review time!

1. A pale nude with salmon/ coral undertones, it is highly pigmented, however as with some of the other lighter colours it can apply a little uneven so make sure you blend it in well.
2. A more mid-dark nude, with salmon and brown notes, again it is a very creamy shade, highly pigmented and applies more smoothly than the last.
3. A slightly paler, mid toned nude, it is more brown toned than the previous shades and has a creamy finish.
4. The lightest nude in the palette, in the pan it almost looks like a concealer, it applies more peach toned on the lips and despite the uneven application, once blended it suits pale skin tones.
5. Another more mid toned nude, which is a brown based pink, which is the typical creamy finish.
6. Your typical warm toned Kylie Jenner lip colour, it is a dark brown nude which is highly pigmented and also has a cream finished.
7. The darkest shade in the palette, it is a dark, burgundy red with brown undertones, unlike the typical purple based dark colours you tend to see more of nowadays, it is again a creamy finish and applies nicely on the lips along with the other colours.

8. A dark pink toned red, unlike the previous shades this is a glossier finish, it feels firmer in the pan and on the lips resembles a gloss stick, it has a nice sheen to it.
9. A lighter pink red, it is glossy and balmy and is beautiful with simple eye look.
10. A dark but bright red, it has a satin to matte finish and like the glossier colours is slightly firmer in the pan, though it is very highly pigmented and applies beautifully.
11. A lighter, bright orange based red, it has a cream finish with high pigmentation and a beautiful sheen to it.
12. This creamy, muted neon orange/coral is my personal favourite colour, it applies brilliantly and is a wonderful summer colour.
13. A bright mid pink, somewhat resembling a muted barbie pink, it has a cream finish and great pigmentation.
14. A beautiful orange based nude with a very fine gold/ copper shimmer running through it, it is not overly noticeable on the lips, it just gives a gorgeous shimmer and sheen when it catches the light, it is again highly pigmented and creamy.

15. A creamy orange based nude pink, which still has cool toned elements to it, there is a beautiful sheen to this colour and it looks gorgeous with a warm smokey eye.
16. This shade in some ways reminds me of MAC's Cremecup as it is a light pink nude although it does have a peachy hint to it, it applies slightly uneven at first but after blending in it looks beautiful, it is slightly firmer in the pan but it still has a cream finish.
17. A more cool toned mauve nude, it again is seriously creamy and pigmented, it looks gorgeous against a pale skin tone.
18. A glossy light berry shade, it is pink based but still has a blue tone to it and appears cool toned on the lips, it is again firmer in the pan than perhaps the creamier shades.
19. Your typical Kylie Jenner brown nude in a cool tone as opposed to the warm tones you would normally find, it is a gorgeous satin finish brown-mauve.
20. A more purple based mid-dark nude, it is creamy, highly pigmented and a touch warmer than the other colours on this row, so far.
21. Another glossy colour, it is a slightly warmer dark brown/ pink nude but it is still more of a cool tone, similarly to the other glossy colours it is slightly firmer in the pan and a comfortable balmy texture on the lips.

22. Another glossy finish, it is a fuchsia pink with a purple/blue fine shimmer running through it, in certain lights it can have a more purple tone to it, again it is a little firmer in the pan but it is very highly pigmented.
23. A creamy 'true pink' shade it is a red based barbie pink, along with many of the other darker colours, barely touch creates a strong pigment on the lips.
24. This shade, on the other hand, is a very blue based barbie pink, which can look slightly purple, it is a cream finish with an incredible neon look to it.
25. Another one of my favourites, it is a bright, neon blue-based purple, another cream finish and a wonderful pop of colour for the spring/ summer months.
26. A paler, more wearable pink, it would work wonderfully as an alternative to nude in the spring as it is a more muted bright colour, with a gorgeous cream finish.
27. The penultimate shade is a darker, muted hot pink, with a slight brown/nude tint to it, it is a cream finish with wonderful pigmentation.
28. This shade was the most disappointing in the palette, it is too hard in the pan and not creamy at all, the glitter is too chunky and it has a rough feel on the lips, however it is not enough to turn away from such a wonderful palette.
Close up of the last shade.
General overview; the packaging claims the lipsticks are 'highly pigmented'; which is clearly true, you can tell from the freckle on my arm which is at times barely visible, that there is 'a shade for every occasion'; I would also agree with this, and that the shades can be 'worn sheer and natural or layered for a bold and dramatic look'; this is definitely true of some of the deeper shades and even the nudes.

As for the claim to be long lasting, I have worn them when I have been out for drinks with my boyfriend and friends and even the bright colours seem to dry and set in place and  I have proof that they really stain the skin, not only on your lips!
After swatching the first row and removing with a Simple make up remover wipe.

After swatching every lipstick.
+ Gorgeous highly pigmented shades
+ Sleek packaging
+ Long-lasting colours
+ Feel great on the lips
+ So many looks in one palette
+ Cheap and incredible quality for the price
+ Nice for choice when travelling
+ Versatile and great for mixing, especially if you place a lighter colour in the centre of the lips

- Need a lip brush to apply
- The last shade is disappointing
- Some colours are similar, with perhaps different undertones, but we all have those in our lipstick collections!

Would you be likely to order the palette? What colours did you find most appealing, nudes or brights?

100 Words or Less: FEMINISM

100 Words or less: FEMINISM.

Feminism: the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

I noticed a new phenomenon #womenagainstfeminism on Twitter; it sent shivers down my spine. In the twenty-first century I expect to see this behaviour from the minority, not the majority, we need to stand together and fight for equal rights and opportunities to all; black, white, short, tall, male or female. We are all as powerful as we allow each other to be. To feel empowered is a gift, of the highest degree. Never let yourself come second to anyone. We are all EQUAL.

Do you identify as a feminist? If not then I want to know why! Lets talk about this issue.

Tartan Sofas and Oversized Cardigans || OOTD

Hello lovelies,
I wanted to post a quick outfit of the day today, I have been so busy lately, you wouldn't even believe! I got myself a job though so that's good, I have also taken on some responsibilities at my college such as Student Executive Representative, so I barely get five minutes to think about my poor little blog baby. I am back to look after it though and dust off some well-formed cobwebs.. Hmm that was festive.

Today Adam and I popped to the Black Horse, Great Linford for a bit of lunch and as I enjoy it so much I thought I would snap a few pictures and show you guys! If you are ever out Milton Keynes way, definitely check it out, the food is incredible and it is possibly the most festive place I have ever eaten.

The whole pub is decorated in tartan and wood, it's just wonderful, it completely embodies winter; walking in to a pub with Adam to see a crackling fire and eat a thick warm winter vegetable soup is possibly one of the most comforting thoughts in life to me. Today's soup of the day was roasted parsnip and celeriac soup with a poppy seed bun, how delicious.


Today I am wearing my monochrome patterned 'treggings' from Topshop (similar), a black 3/4 length sleeve top from Primark, a baby pink cardigan with flecks of fluorescent pink and elecrtic blue from BANK (can't find the link).
Accessories wise I am just wearing a scarf that was given to me by my Grandma as a gift, my brown faux-leather bag from H&M and my black Chelsea Boots.
I have been loving wearing my hair in little pig tails since I dressed up as a Doll for Halloween, I might post a few halloween pictures soon, I was pretty proud of my make up.

Is it just me whose excited for Christmas already? When do you start getting excited?

Back To School || 5 Product Face

Hello lovelies,
I know it may seem like an odd time to start a back to school series, seeing as everyone is already at school or will be in the next couple of weeks, but I thought I would start a Sunday 'Back To School' series that will hopefully run through until the next half term. I am aiming to focus the posts on the number five, for example; 5 tips or 5 outfits OR as today's post 5 products.

I know that a lot of people chose to wake up earlier on a school day to put on make up, but this post is aimed at my friends who like an extra half an hour in bed like myself, this is the perfect post for you... If you want to find out how I managed this five minute look with just five products, then keep reading;

What products did I use?

Steps to this look;
This look couldn't be any easier it is all about utilising fewer products and giving them more uses!
Step 1: Foundation;
I took my Complexion Blending brush and popped a 5 pence piece sized bit of foundation onto my powder lid, then I blended about half of it into my brush and then using big circular movements, I buffed it all over my face. I then take the rest of the foundation and focus it on my problem areas and then lend what's leftover down my neck. I then leave that to set and move on to the rest of my face.
Step 2: Brows:
If you're anything like me and have completely different shaped brows it can e hard to get this done quickly, but I have honestly found my holy grail product for natural looking brows in a minute or two! Firstly I brushed my brows out and into a more arched shape with the bristly side of my brow and lash brush, I then run a little of the pencil on the under side of my brows, gently blending it up a little in the sparser section at the front, I then match the arches on my brows by gently applying a little pencil and removing any excess with my finger (shoot me)... After I have filled in any sparse areas I blend the product out with the spoolie end of the pencil and TADA perfect natural looking brows!
Step 3: Lashes:
My lashes are quite simple, I apply one coat of my mascara gently, and wait for it to dry, I may do some other steps while I wait for it to dry and then I comb through them with the plastic side of my lash and brow brush and then make them extra fluttery by brushing through with the bristly side.
Step 4: Concealing:
I tend to get a little red on my cheeks and across my nose because I suffer with Rosacea, so I sometimes need a little extra coverage there, so once my base layer of foundation has set I will co back in with a little more and apply it to any problem areas with my blending brush and it works as a concealer. I would recommend trying this if you own a light foundation that can be built up like this one!
Step 5: Cheeks & Lips:
Using my lipstick (any pinky nude will do) I apply that on to my lips and then apply some onto the back of my hand, I dab one finger into the lipstick and pat it onto my cheeks, blending it along the apples of my cheeks and then up my cheekbone a little.
Step 6: Powder:
Finally I powder through my T-zone, focussing mainly on the places I get oily; between my eyebrows and my chin, and the apples of my cheeks. I recently read that we powder too much of our faces, there are certain areas that are not supposed to look matte and I have noticed a considerable difference in the way my skin looks since I have been limiting my powder, I look much healthier and generally more glowy!


I think this is a perfect look for school, simple and easy plus you can't get in trouble for wearing too much make up, as I know schools can be a bit funny about how much make up you wear, at least I know mine was!

How would you do your make up for school? Are you even allowed to wear it? Let me know in the comments! 

Love always, 

Top Five || Autumn/ Winter Lipsticks

Hello lovelies,

Today I thought I would write a little beauty post for you, as I haven't for so long! I have really been getting bored of Summer recently, I know, shock horror, burn me at the stake and all that, but frankly I love wearing make up and the Summer is just FAR TOO HOT for me to bother putting on a smokey eye and rocking a full face, contour and all! It would only melt off... I am so excited to start wearing jumpers and scarves again, I love experimenting with style and make up as well and Winter is prime time for such!

Today I am going to give you the rundown on my top 5 Winter Lipsticks, right off the bat I am going to say you will sense a theme of sorts as they are an assortment of Rimmel and MAC products, so actually really quite an affordable top 5! 

Lipstick no.1: Vintage Pink- Moisture Renew (old formula & packaging), By Rimmel

(apologies for the blurry picture)

This lipstick is my pick for the perfect Winter nude, it is a mauve toned pink, which compliments maroon eye make up very well and makes your every day nude colour that bit more seasonal. I adore the formula for this lipstick, I tend to get very dry lips and this is just so creamy and very well pigmented, it applies like a dream! You will need to reapply throughout the day, but for the price, it is SO worthwhile.

Lipstick no.2: Diva Red- Moisture Renew (new formula & packaging), By Rimmel

This is a wonderful bright and slightly dark red, perfect for a winged eyeliner and a pop of colour on the lips, it's the brightest colour of the five but still holds a wintery feel, I wouldn't wear this colour in the summer. The new formula of Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks is to die for, they slick on with the most gentle swipe and do not dry my lips out at all, they're gorgeous. You might have to watch out for a bit of bleeding or shifting throughout the day but when properly applied I felt only touch ups were necessary, as opposed to reapplying it from bare lips.

Lipstick no.3: Currant -Lipliner, By MAC

I originally bought this to go under my next Lipstick, however after the first application I was so pleased with the colour I knew it would be a Lipliner that could stand alone, with a little lip balm, possibly a tinted one over the top. It gives a dark and Wintery feel to any make up look, even though I have loved wearing it in the Summer, I am addicted. As I have said I do get dry lips and this can draw  attention to that when it is worn alone so I would be careful to apply it to moisturised lips but other than that it is long lasting and a stunning colour!

Lipstick no.4: Hang Up- Cremesheen, By MAC

Hang Up is the most perfect pink-toned berry coloured Lipstick I have ever come across and I have been looking for quite some time now, it looks gorgeous with a nice and nude eye during the day and can be amped up at night or at a nice Christmas fair with a heavier eye, it is surprisingly versatile and easily a staple in my collection now! I usually layer it with Currant to make sure it lasts all day, but MAC lipsticks tend to stain my lips well. The formula of cremesheen Lipsticks are perfect for my dry lipped girls, its creamy and who could say no to that heavenly vanilla scent? I would say it doesn't apply as evenly as the other Lipsticks in one swipe but I don't mind layering this Lipstick as it can amp up the intensity!

Lipstick no.5: 004 Kate Moss for Rimmel

This is possibly the most daring colour Lipstick I own, it is a dark, true purple that is ideal for giving a red lipstick that bit more depth, or to darken up a nude or even alone as a dark purple lip! Not only is it a gorgeous colour, Rimmel have not failed to supply in the texture department; it is creamy and long-lasting and makes your lips look and feel great! I would suggest buying it to anyone because it could just be the perfect mixing colour you need for your collection to turn any lipstick into a Winter one? Do not be put off by the intensity, it is a gorgeous colour! 

What are your Winter Lipstick picks? Should I do a Winter eye shadows post? Talking about my favourite eye looks for winter? I would love to hear any of your Winter make up picks!